Ice fishing

Have you experienced fishing on a frozen lake? If you haven't, it's an exciting feeling you simply must try. And if you have tried it, you know what we're talking about here!

In Malå there is plenty of frozen lakes for ice fishing, foto:

All ages will enjoy ice fishing

Around Malå, a variety of fishing lakes is to be found. Both new beginners and advanced fishermen will find golden opportunities here. Pike, perch, arctic char and trout are species found in Malå. Before you head out you need to pay a fee that will help the community to keep all fishing areas restored. Contact the Tourist Office, the fishing shop “Uffes Flugor och Fiske”,  or the local district you are going to (they are listed in the link bellow).

Map of districts


A tip from Uffe:

The owner of “Uffes flugor & fiske” is a genuine fisherman. He runs the shop with great passion and alway hold a tod fresh supply of gear.

  • Game fish, the best options are the lakes Laggträsket and Stentjärn
  • Perch, the best option is Malån – catches of 1-1,5 kg are likely

Contact us for more info about the thrilling experience of ice fishing in Malå!

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