Fishing in the summer

Welcome to Malå and a great fishing experience! The lake district offers you a wide range of catches and wildlife experiences

Photo: Malin Hedman

Surrounding Malå, the lake district offer challenges for all fisherman, from advanced to new beginners. Pike, perch, arctic char and trout can be caught in Malå.

Before you head out you need to pay a fee that will help the community to keep all fishing areas restored. Contact the Tourist Office, the fishing shop “Uffes Flugor och Fiske”,  or the local district you are going to (they are listed in the link bellow).

Map of districts

It is important that rules of allemansrätten (a Swedish law about every persons right to access nature) is being followed. The function of the law is to protect and support natural habitats. If you act by it you will contribute to a free and healthy wildlife district. Its everyones own responsible to find out about the laws of the lake districts.

A tip from Uffe:

The owner of “Uffes flugor & fiske” is a genuine fisherman. He runs the shop with great passion and always hold a top fresh supply of gear.


  • If you’re looking to catch grayling and trout in rivers, try: Malån and Skeppträskån
  • Still waters/trolling, try : Släppträsket, Stora Skeppträsket, Lainejaure and Malån
  • For put and take: Laggträsket, Stentjärn and Nölviken

See #uffesflugorochfiske in social medias for moore tips

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